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The Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism addresses core themes in the social sciences by examining the government’s use of power towards its citizens, and the justifications of state interventions into people’s lives.

Same case, different decisions

Findings show great variation in professional discretionary decision-making in England, Finland, California (US) and Norway. Presented with an identical case scenario, social workers varied in their assessment of risk and suggested treatment, both within and between countries.

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Population biases against migrant children?

An experimental analysis of attitudes towards corporal punishment in Austria, Norway and Spain show significant cross-country differences in the acceptance of CP, but no biases due to migrant background.

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Child protection removals vary considerably

The requirements to due process and just proceedings are strict when the state assume parental responsibility or terminate all parental rights. An analysis of proceedings on child protection removals in eight countries show considerable variation in the procedures and the professional background of the decision makers.

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