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Child Rights Unit

Centre for Research on Paternalism and Discretion is affiliated with the Centre on Law and Social Transformation, and is responsible for one of their thematic units- the Child Rights Unit. The Child Rights Unit at the Centre on Law and Social Transformation seeks to address normative, legal and empirical research questions. The unit aims to understand the role of law and administrative, political and judicial institutions as well as ideas, interpretations and practices around children´s rights that are embedded in societies cultural practices.

Centre on Law & Social TransformationLawTransform – brings together scholars, students and practitioners who share an interest in how law shapes societies, and the use of rights and courts as tools for social change.

LawTransform was established in 2014 as a collaboration between the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) and the University of Bergen (UiB). Fellows and affiliates come from numerous institutions in Bergen and globally, and are drawn from a broad range of academic fields, including law, political science, economics, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, medicine and psychology.

To learn more about the Child Rights Unit, and the Centre on Law and Social Transformation, please contact coordinator Hilde Švrljuga Sætre, or visit their website.